Sod Room is a unique, eco-friendly, indoor playspace located in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago.  Founded by husband and wife, Abdón and Cynthia Valenciana, Sod Room is committed to providing a healthy and meaningful experience for families by selecting only safe, sustainable and responsibly made toys and materials for its playspace and events.

Sod Room is a culmination of many dreams for its owners and the community. While expecting their first child, the Valencianas traveled the city and suburbs to find the resources they wanted to educate and prepare themselves for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Knowing they wanted to begin parenting on a green foot, they quickly realized that those resources were often non existent or hard to come by. It is the mission of Sod Room to not only provide a green space for children to play but also to bring the resources and education that parents need as they embark on the journey to eco-friendly living a little closer to home.

Sod Room takes pride in doing business in a responsible and earth friendly way. Our playroom features recycled cork flooring, low VOC paint, and repurposed wood and is uniquely designed to utilize as much natural light as possible.  Only the safest, non toxic soaps and cleaners are used at Sod Room and we are committed to using recycled paper products for all of our stationery and party needs. In addition to these efforts, Sod Room recycles much of its waste and strives to support local businesses whenever possible. Here at Sod Room, we believe that every little effort counts. We look forward to meeting you!